Teddy Bear in White

Teddy Bear in White


6 inches wide, 3 inches tall and 3 inches deep with a 40 inch drop-in chain

White pearl beaded Teddy Bear, 1992

This crazy, cute, little bear brings back memories of a special day in my life! I was at a fund raiser for Hillary Clinton in 2007. After her speech, she walked directly over to me and with a smile she said, "You've got a Judith Leiber", and then she disappeared into her adoring crowd.

From what I understand, Judith Leiber's classic Teddy Bear is an all-time favorite for collectors. Whether he is sitting on your window sill or if you are carrying him on your shoulder, he is a great source of happiness. So, he sits there covered in faux pearls staring at you with his onyx eyes, little gold nose and little gold paws.

He is wearing a precious crystal vest, edged in gold, which closes in the front with two buttons—one is a pink pearl and the other is a ruby gem. The top gold clasp opens to reveal a metal divider, all lined in gold leather.

What makes this precious best new friend so appealing is that he is entirely covered in pearls. He can be a source of joy at a luncheon or a striking conversation piece on your night out on the town!

Preowned Teddy Bear in White in excellent condition.

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