With the passing of Harriett Lake on July 10th, 2018, a new chapter begins. After years of exhibiting her 100 Judith Leiber handbags at the Orlando Museum of Art, the legacy of Harriett Lake continues with her unflinching commitment to Education, Health Care, Performing Arts and Fashion.

"I think she's doing a great thing by taking items that she no longer needs and purposing them in a different way to give back to the community, so everyone gets something out of it"

- John Promes, Trauma Medical Director at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

All proceeds from Harriett's Closet go to charity. Also available are Harriett's irresistible high end bags, jewelry and vintage clothing. Harriett had always hoped that you would enjoy her collectibles as much as she did.

TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH: The History In Harriett's Closet by Kristina Tollefson and Jodi Ozimek

This book delves into the life and legendary closet of Orlando fashion icon and philanthropist Harriett Lake. Through personal and vintage photos, lush photography exemplifying Harriett’s signature styles, and quotes from the brassy, big-hearted grand dame herself, you will be awed by the magnitude of her wardrobe and magnanimity of this exceptional woman. This unique fashion biography begins with Harriett’s childhood during the Great Depression, follows her service as a Marine during World War II, her flight from heartbreak to Miami Beach, and subsequent marriage. Harriett and her husband acquired wealth (and a closet full of jaw-dropping fashion) in Central Florida, thanks to the Disney World triggered 1960s real estate boom. 

Stunningly illustrated with more than 800 impeccable photographs illustrating her 96 year life and highlighting over 200 of her favorite and most popular looks, the authors explain the connections between Harriett’s life experiences and her fashion choices. Harriett oversaw the photo shoots herself, and expertly styled every look.