Monogram HTL

Monogram HTL


6 inches wide, 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches deep with a 50 inch drop-in chain

This magnificent work of art is not for everyone. I ordered it from a catalogue—it could have been Saks, Bergdorf, Neiman's or Bloomingdale's. When Judith Leiber offers to monogram a bag especially for you, you'd better get on the phone and order it before the expiration date.

This rare gem glitters like a jewel, which reflects all of its surroundings. It feels so great in your hand, you never want to let it go. It is exquisitely engineered. Even though it feels perfect as a clutch, it is so versatile that when worn over the shoulder it loses none of its elegance. Sophisticated simplicity makes it irresistible. If you don't want to display the black crystal monogram, you can wear it on the crystal clear bejeweled reverse side.

The striking octagon-shaped clasp opens to reveal a silver leather lining, drop-in silver chain and the classic Judith Leiber signature nameplate.

Your reaction to this one singular sensation may be the same as mine, in a word—WOW!!!

Preowned Monogram HTL in excellent condition.

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