Celestrina Butterfly

Celestrina Butterfly


6 inches wide, 3 inches tall and 2 inches deep with 12 and 50 inch coupled drop-in chains

It was one unforgettable day when Neiman Marcus called and said they were putting two Judith Leiber bags aside for me so that I could choose one or the other. They knew I wasn't going to let one of these bags get away. When I saw them it was hard to decide, so I bought them both!

Rarely do I use the term drop-dead-call-out-the-cops gorgeous. There is no superlative that can describe these bags. First of all, they were designed by Judith Leiber to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Neiman Marcus. They are a limited edition of the butterfly which is the Neiman Marcus logo.

This kaleidoscopic butterfly is totally encrusted with oversized faceted rhinestones in shades of pink and purple. You could be wearing a barrel and with this jewel you would still be the best dressed girl in the room. It opens up with a crystal studded antenna clasp to reveal an unexpected lavender alligator lining.

There is an extra heavy very ornate silver carrying chain. In addition, I have enclosed an extra long silver chain should you want to display it across your body. The sides of this magnificent gem are covered in compelling shades of pink and purple crystals. Looking for a very special gift to commemorate a memorable event? This astonishing creation will be a lasting-forever heirloom to be cherished for generations.

In any Judith Leiber collection, the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Commemorative Butterfly has to be the Queen Mother!

Preowned Celestrina Butterfly in excellent condition with a few missing rhinestones.

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