Dragonfly in Blue

Dragonfly in Blue


6 inches wide, 4 inches tall and 4 inches deep with a 50 inch silver drop-in chain

My sister happened to be shopping in the New York Bloomingdale's at the right time and the right place. In the display case was what she described as some kind of dragonfly. By then I knew to trust her judgement and another long distance addition was in the mail. It was all she had described and then some.

When I opened up the package out came what can only be described as a turquoise "In my dreams" bejeweled indescribably stunning piece of work. It appeared to be almost ten dimensional. The detail is so complex that you have to see it to appreciate the imagination needed to create this gem. It's covered in hundreds of handset turquoise, blue, green and black crystals. The jeweled pattern on the wings and tail might be more detailed than the real thing.

Her gold nose is a clasp which opens up to reveal a silver leather interior. If the queen mother of the Lieber collection is the butterfly then this dragonfly must be the royal princess. She is a rare jewel that should be displayed with your other art treasures.

Preowned Dragonfly in Blue in excellent condition.

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